How AGILE are you?

To be agile means to be flexible. As simple as that may sound; the Agile framework is little more than an effective way to create business flexibility. Even though the basic Agile concepts are easily understood, one needs high levels of commitment, patience and openness to become a true champion of the Agile philosophy. Some people are inherently agile; they prefer people over technology, believe in doing rather than planning for what has to be done, and have more faith in values than official papers and documentation. Companies see the advantage of having such people in their organizations to promote the Agile culture. In Agile, the two extremes of “planners” and “doers” mutually influence each other; the planners begin to successfully work according to their plans and the doers learn to plan successfully before mindlessly “doing” things.  When Agile people form a team, the project is sure to fly, but all companies or teams are not endowed with such people. So, how can a project manager figure out if his or her team members are Agile enough? If you are that project manager, the first step towards this quest is to find out how Agile you are you. In other words, do you practice … Continue reading How AGILE are you?