How is the process of Demostrate and Validate Sprint helpful in a Scrum Project?

June 9, 2014

How is the process of Demonstrate and Validate Sprint helpful in a Scrum Project?

At the end of every Sprint it is important to demonstrate and validate the sprint so that the Scrum

Project runs on the desired line of product development. This process is an essential part of the

Review and Retrospect phase of the Scrum Methodology.

The key inputs of this process include

1. Scrum Core Team*

2. Sprint Deliverables*

3. Sprint Backlog*

4. Done Criteria*

5. User Story Acceptance Criteria*

6. Stakeholder(s)

7. Release Planning Schedule

8. Identified Risks

9. Dependencies

10. Scrum Guidance Body Recommendations

The (*) is for mandatory inputs.

The tools of the process are:

1. Sprint Review Meetings*

2. Earned Value Analysis

3. Scrum Guidance Body Expertise

The outputs of this process is helpful in ensuring that only the desired products make it to the final

accepted list and also prepared the Scrum Project for risks and its timely management. The outputs

are as follows:

1. Accepted Deliverables*

2. Rejected Deliverables

3. Updated Risks

4. Earned Value Analysis Results

5. Updated Release Planning Schedule

6. Updated Dependencies


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