Advantages of Using Scrum listed down by SCRUMstudy

June 9, 2014

There are several reasons why projects are adopting scrum over traditional project development methodologies. But there are some obvious benefits of using this methodology. Let’s have a quick look at the list of key benefits of Scrum.
1. Adaptability—Empirical process control and iterative delivery make projects adaptable and open to incorporating change.

2. Transparency—All information radiators like a Scrumboard and Sprint Burndown Chart are shared, leading to an open work environment.

3. Continuous Feedback—Continuous feedback is provided through the Conduct Daily Standup, Demonstrate and Validate Sprint processes.

4. Continuous Improvement—The deliverables are improved progressively Sprint by Sprint, through the Groom Prioritized Product Backlog process.

5. Continuous Delivery of Value—Iterative processes enable the continuous delivery of value through the Ship Deliverables process as frequently as the customer requires.

6. Sustainable Pace—Scrum processes are designed such that the people involved can work at a sustainable pace that they can, in theory, continue indefinitely.

7. Early Delivery of High Value—The Create Prioritized Product Backlog process ensures that the highest value requirements of the customer are satisfied first.

8. Efficient Development Process—Time-boxing and minimizing non-essential work leads to higher efficiency levels.

9. Motivation—The Conduct Daily Standup and Retrospect Sprint processes lead to greater levels of motivation among employees.

10. Faster Problem Resolution—Collaboration and colocation of cross-functional teams lead to faster problem solving.

11. Effective Deliverables—The Create Prioritized Product Backlog process and regular reviews after creating deliverables ensures effective deliverables to the customer.

12. Customer Centric—Emphasis on business value and having a collaborative approach to stakeholders ensures a customer-oriented framework.

13. High Trust Environment—Conduct Daily Standup and Retrospect Sprint processes promote transparency and collaboration, leading to a high trust work environment ensuring low friction among employees.

14. Collective Ownership—The Approve, Estimate, and Commit User Stories process allows team members to take ownership of the project and their work leading to better quality.

15. High Velocity—A collaborative framework enables highly skilled cross-functional teams to achieve their full potential and high velocity.
16. Innovative Environment—The Retrospect Sprint and Retrospect Project processes create an environment of introspection, learning, and adaptability leading to an innovative and creative work environment.


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