Best Methodologies in SCRUM

January 28, 2014

SCRUM is a considered to be set of guidelines that oversee the growth process of a product, from its design phase to its completion. Scrum is one among several agile methods that practices an iterative and incremental procedure in the course of development of a project.

As per SCRUM, a project is divided into what is known as sprint or iteration. Each sprint is timeboxed usually between 2 weeks to a maximum of a month. After a sprint, the team meets and reviews the progress of the project. Here team tries to identify the problems encountered during the sprint and formulates the objectives for the next sprint. In the course of every sprint the team analyses and works on user requirements (also known as user stories) in order to confirm that after every sprint, user needs are taken into consideration and are being satisfied.

One important aspect of SCRUM to note is that it depends on self-organisation. Self-organisation helps the team to achieve the goal by following the most resourceful path with the available resources, knowledge, skills and abilities. This allows team to experiment with different approaches, to analyse and to learn from their failures and to improve.

In a self-organised team, there is no one elected as team leader. The teams work cross-functionally and the team is responsible as a whole in decision making.

SCRUM has been successfully engaged in many companies in many different fields and has achieved outstanding results.

Listed below are few of methodologies used in SCRUM:

Burn down charts : This chart is used to track the progress achieved during the course of the project against the release plan using a release burndown chart. This chart is updated at the end of each sprint by the ScrumMaster.


Stand up meeting: The team meets every day for a swift status update. The meeting is usually time boxed for 15 minutes.

In this meeting everyone tries to answer the three questions

  •                         What did you do yesterday
  •                         What are you going to do today?
  •                          What are the challenges you are facing?


Product backlog : It is prioritized list of all the desired changes to the product being developed which is done by the Product Owner.

  • This is used to record requests for modifying a product.  This is used to add new features, changing old features, removing features and fixing issues.

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