How do Story Points prove their worth in Scrum?

January 28, 2014

Relative values are used for story points estimation instead of absolute values. This approach renders it quite simple enough to create these kinds of estimates while facing uncertain situations. With experience and time, Scrum teams will develop the capability to sharpen up their estimates for more precision. They can figure out the number of story points that can be accomplished within a single iteration. While planning for long term execution of tasks in the evitability of facing uncertainties in a project, story points provide the best worth in terms of creating relative quantitative measurements.

In terms of a website creation project, the project management team adopting old-fashioned mode may see it pertinent to put in a condition pre-stating the needs related with the website. Internal stakeholders such as the developing team would need to provide an estimated time for coding the website to the project manager to determine a fixed schedule and the date of delivery.

In Agile development projects using the process of Scrum, representation of the varied requirements are made through those stories. Instead of letting team members figure out the duration of each story, they can be asked by the project manager to allot story point values per every single requirement. An upper point value can be allotted to stories which are more complex compared to average ones.  Instead of an absolute value of time, the story points in comparison are pretty more complicated. Velocity of the team can be determined according to the number of completed story points per iteration.

Historical data helps to calibrate the velocity over time, allowing for improved predictability. Consistency of the velocity of the team can be attained through the self-rectification process which is continual, even though some inconsistencies were realized in the initial stage. Data recorded historically can prove to be valuable by readjusting the velocity over the passage of time which in turn can lead to enhanced predictability.

Accuracy pertaining to estimation can be achieved over a period of time due to the iterative feature of Agile development. There is no real benefit of the team striving to ascertain the definite timelines when faced with uncertain specifics. Then it’s time for the team to make use of systematic guess work which would be more helpful.


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