How do you create project vision in Scrum?

June 9, 2014

How do you create project vision in Scrum?

There are 19 processes grouped under 5 phases, of which, Creating a project vision is the first step in initiating a project. Understandably, it comes under the Initiate The Scrum process, Initiate, is applicable to Portfolios, programs, and/or projects in any industry, Products, services, or any other results to be delivered to stakeholders and Projects of any size or complexity.

In Create Project Vision process, the Project Business Case is reviewed to create a Project Vision Statement that will serve as the inspiration and provide focus for the entire Scrum project. The Product Owner is identified in this process.

Project Business Case*

A business case may be a well-structured document or simply a verbal statement that expresses the rationale for initiating a project. It may be formal and comprehensive or informal and brief.

Trial Project

If feasible, a small scale demo or trial project could be run as an experiment to predict and evaluate viability, time and cost, risks, and possible effects of the actual project.

Proof of Concept

A Proof of Concept demonstrates and verifies that the idea behind the current project is potentially viable in the real world environment.

Company Vision

Understanding the Company Vision helps the project keep its focus on the organization’s objectives and the future potential of the company.

Company Mission

The Company Mission provides a framework for formulating the strategies of the company and guides overall decision making in the company. Project Vision must be framed such that its fulfillment helps the organization fulfill its mission.

Market Study

Market Study refers to the organized research, gathering, collation, and analysis of data related to customers’ preference for products. It often includes extensive data on market trends, market segmentation, and marketing processes.

Project Vision Statement*

The key output of Create Project Vision process is a well-structured Project Vision Statement. A good project vision explains the business need the project is intended to meet rather than how it will meet the need.

The Project Vision Statement should not be too specific, and should have room for flexibility. It is possible that the current understanding of the project may be based on assumptions that will change as the project progresses, so it is important that the project vision is flexible enough to accommodate these changes. The project vision should focus on the problem rather than the solution.



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