How does Scrum help in clearing Technical debt and improve Employee satisfaction in the organization?

February 4, 2014

Unlike a large amount of certifications such as ITIL certification, Prince2 certification and PMP certification, which are used for successful implementation of Best Practices or procedures for ensuring perfect design or output of a product or service, Scrum training also emphasizes on the satisfaction of employees and reduction in Technical Debt.

Technical debt is considered as a difficult challenge as considered by the older techniques of project management. This is because development of a particular product or service, testing and proper documentation will be done in sequences and at various times by different persons – in short, a single person would not be responsible for any specific Working Deliverables. The output will be that technical debt gets accumulated, in the long run, that will lead to high maintenance costs, integration and costs in release of products during the last stages of a product’s release. In other words, these cost changes are very high in these types of circumstances and problems rise in final stages of the project. Scrum certification framework averts these issues that are related to technical debt. This will be done  to ensure that Done deliverables with Acceptance criteria will be defined as one of the parts of Sprint Backlog that include key tasks involving development, testing and documentation. But this will be done as part of the same Sprint and will be carried out by the same Scrum certified or Team which will be responsible for the project.

Consistent pace throughout the project is considered as one of the main advantages of Scrum certification. A regular pace will lead to improvement of employee satisfaction, conducive environment and high level of accuracy in estimation. For development of a high quality product and for maintaining an environment, it is important that integration-type activities are carried out regularly than specify delays of the integration work till the last stage in similar type of circumstances. In order to deliver value at regular intervals, the Scrum certified team should constantly involve in development, testing and integration of the functionalities of every Prioritized Product Backlog Item (PBI) in each Sprint with the use of techniques, such as constant integration and automated testing of products. One of the major principles of Scrum certification projects is that it emphasizes on ensuring that the effort involved in the current Sprint should be similar to the future Sprints in order to maintain the consistency. This will help the team for avoiding phases of large amounts of work in a single phase as they will always have the knowledge of the levels of work that are required to complete the work in given amount of time.


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