How will AGILE benefit me?

January 15, 2013

The software development industry these days is troubled with multiple problems such as fluctuating economies, stringent resources, and tight time schedules. As a result, software professionals worldwide face numerous impediments to successfully executing their projects. In other words, developers are perpetually faced with the option of delivering software that is either high-quality and functional or developed within the allocated resources. In the first instance, the development process becomes a never-ending activity, while in the second case quality and functionality are compromised.

Agile offers a practical solution to these problems.

Using Agile can benefit everyone in the software development industry because of the following “Terrific Ten” principles:

1.       Working software will be the chief concern of the development process.

2.       Iterative development will ensure frequent delivery of business-valued features and timely feedback by the customer, saving both time and energy.

3.       Incremental delivery will promote constant refinement of the software due to additions of new and better features.

4.       Customers will be happy and contented as the software development process addresses business priorities and requirements.

5.       Frequent delivery of features and constant feedback will reduce risk/bugs and will enhance productivity.

6.       Agile encourages the technical team and stakeholders to work in close collaboration, which will ensure better communication and cooperation.

7.       Close and open communication among the team members will ensure smooth and timely development.

8.       Daily meetings will identify and forecast the problems and impediments well in advance, thus starting the process of working on these quite early.

9.       The software delivered will be of high-quality and will satisfy all the business requirements.

10.   The customer will be able to incorporate changes in the software anytime he deems it necessary as the development process is very flexible and change-friendly.


2 Responses to How will AGILE benefit me?

  1. Catherine Morgan
    January 22, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    The philosophy of agile is very useful. However, I feel apart from Scrum, XP, Lean/Kanban other methods are yet to get the traction. If you know Scrum, you know 40-50% of Agile. House Flipper mac

  2. Muhammad Abbas Sheikh
    January 23, 2013 at 3:15 PM

    When we started our Human Resources Project at United Bank Limited, AGILE method helps us a lot. Due to it we were able to handle a sudden decision of shutting down offline Payroll (branch wise) and switching to new develop ONLINE Version of Payroll for the Whole Bank. A total of 14263 employees and 1000 branches were included.

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