Responsibilities of various Scrum roles in an organization

June 9, 2014

In the previous posts, we discussed the roles in Scrum, and their desired traits. Now let’s have a summary of the responsibilities of each role in a Scrum project. The table given below provides a crisp outline of responsibilities of the Scrum roles.




Scrum Guidance Body

  • Establishes overall guidelines and metrics for developing role descriptions for Scrum Team members
  • Acts as a consultant to projects across organization at different levels
  • Understands and defines appropriate levels of grouping, roles, and meetings for Scrum projects

Portfolio Product Owner

  • Defines the strategic objectives and priorities for portfolios

Portfolio Scrum Master

  • Solves problems and coordinates meetings for portfolios

Program Product Owner

  • Defines the strategic objectives and priorities for programs

Program Scrum Master

  • Solves problems and coordinates meetings for programs


  • Is a collective term that includes customers, users, and sponsors
  • Frequently interfaces with the Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum Team to provide them inputs and facilitates creation of the Deliverables of the project.

Product Owner

  • Creates the project’s initial overall requirements and gets the project rolling
  • Appoints appropriate people to the Scrum Master and Scrum Team roles
  • Provides the initial and ongoing financial resources for the project
  • Determines Product Vision
  • Assesses the viability and ensures delivery of the product or service
  • Ensures transparency and clarity of Prioritized Product Backlog Items
  • Decides minimum marketable release content
  • Provides Acceptance Criteria for the User Stories to be developed in a Sprint
  • Inspects deliverables
  • Decides Sprint duration

Scrum Master

  • Ensures that Scrum processes are correctly followed by all team members including the Product Owner
  • Ensures that development of the product or service is progressing smoothly and the Scrum Team members have all the necessary tools to get the work done
  • Oversees Release Planning Meeting and schedules other meetings

Scrum Team

  • Takes collective responsibility and ensures that the project deliverables are created per requirements
  • Assures Product Owner and Scrum Master that the allocated work is being performed according to plan



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