SCRUM and IT Companies

January 21, 2014

Scrum is recent project management methodology that has taken the industry by storm. Many companies especially the IT and ITES bases organizations are taking to Scrum in a big way.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of Scrum:

  • It saves a lot of time and money for the company on a whole
  • This methodology is especially invaluable where the business requirements of the clients are not very specifically defined in the beginning
  • Highly technical and latest developments can be easily and quickly coded using this methodology
  • Very lightly controlled methodology which relies on frequent and constant update of progress through regular meeting
  • This methodology is also very much iterative like other methodologies and requires constant feedback from the user
  • It is easier to cope with the changes as there are constant interactions and reviews done quite regularly
  • Individual productivity is very easy to gauge in this methodology due to daily and constant interaction between team members
  • Also due to daily meeting issues can be identified well in advance and can be avoided
  • As the issues are identified well in advance and controlled hence the product is usually always completed on time and is delivered to the customer as per his/her expectations
  • It can work with any technology or platform
  • The operational and overhead cost in this methodology is quite cheap compared to the other methodologies

However not everything is rosy about Scrum methodology there are some disadvantages to it too.

Now let us look at some of the disadvantages of Scrum Methodology below:

  • This methodology is one of the leading cause of scope creep due to the absence of a definite end date the stakeholders will be tempted continuously to add more functionalities
  • As Scrum does not rely in well-defined task hence the costs and time estimates of these projects will not be accurate
  • Also in Scrum the reliance is a lot there on the efficiency of the team members
  • Scrum is most effective for small fast moving project and cannot work for large projects
  • Scrum methodology depends a lot on experienced people else if inexperienced people are put in the project it could lead to project delays
  • Scrum also relies a great extent on the efficiency in which the Scrum Master handles the team



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