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June 9, 2014

How do you form a Scrum Team?

Forming a Scrum Team, is nothing but another process in the Scrum Project. It is one of the 6 process in the Initiate Phase.

In this process, Scrum Team members are identified. Normally the Product Owner has the primary responsibility of selecting team members, but often does so in collaboration with the Scrum Master.

The Scrum Team is the core of any Scrum project and getting the right team members is important for successful delivery of Scrum projects. Scrum Team members are generalist-specialists in that they have knowledge of various fields and are area experts in at least one.

Beyond their subject-matter expertise, it is the soft skills of team members that determine the success of self-organizing teams.

Ideal members of the Scrum Team are independent, self-motivated, customer-focused, responsible, and collaborative. The team should be able to foster an environment of independent thinking and group decision-making in order to extract the most benefits from the structure.

The Scrum Team, sometimes referred to as the Development Team, is a group or team of people who are responsible for understanding the business requirements specified by the Product Owner, estimating User Stories, and final creation of the project Deliverables.

Scrum Teams are cross-functional and self-organizing. The team decides the amount of work to commit to in a Sprint and determines the best way to perform the work. The Scrum Team consists of cross-functional team members, who carry out all the work involved in creating potentially shippable deliverables including development, testing, quality assurance, etc.

Identifying the Scrum Team is the responsibility of the Product Owner, often in consultation with the Scrum Master.

Team Building Plan

Since a Scrum Team is cross-functional, each member needs to participate actively in all aspects of the project. The Scrum Master should identify issues with team members and address them diligently in order to maintain an effective team.

To build team cohesion, the Scrum Master should ensure that relationships among the team members are positive and that the team members are unified in achieving the overall project and organizational goals, thus leading to greater efficiency and increased productivity.

In this context, it is important to study popular HR theories and their relevance to Scrum. Continue with our posts to learn more on Scrum Methodology, Scrum Certification and Scrum Management.


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