All about Retrospect Sprint Meeting

July 3, 2017

How is the Retrospect Sprint Meeting related to the ‘inspect-adapt’ aspect of Scrum? The Retrospect Sprint Meeting is an important element of the ‘inspect-adapt’ Scrum framework and it is the final step in a Sprint. All Scrum Team members attend the meeting, which is facilitated or moderated by the Scrum Master. It is recommended, but not required for the Product Owner to attend. One team member acts as the scribe and documents discussions and items for future action. It is essential to hold this meeting in an open and relaxed environment to encourage full participation by all team members. Discussions in the Retrospect Sprint Meeting encompass both what went wrong and what went right.

Primary objectives of the meeting are to identify three specific things:

  1. Things the team needs to keep doing: best practices
  2. Things the team needs to begin doing: process improvements
  3. Things the team needs to stop doing: process problems and bottlenecks
  4. These areas are discussed and a list of Agreed Actionable Improvements is created.

Other tools used in the Process of Retrospect Sprint are:

  1. ESVP
  2. Speed Boat
  3. Metrics and Measuring Techniques
  4. Scrum Guidance Body Expertise

The outputs of the Retrospect Sprint are:

  1. Agreed Actionable Improvements
  2. Assigned Action Items and Due Dates
  3. Proposed Non-Functional Items for Prioritized Product Backlog
  4. Retrospect Sprint Log(s)
  5. Scrum Team Lessons Learned
  6. Updated Scrum Guidance Body Recommendations

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