Delivering Accepted product increment to the customer

June 9, 2014

The Release phase emphasizes delivering the Accepted Deliverables to the customer and identifying, documenting, and internalizing the lessons learned during the project. Accepted Deliverables are delivered or transitioned to the relevant stakeholders. In the Ship deliverables process of Scrum, a formal Working Deliverables Agreement documents the successful completion of the Sprint.


The inputs, tools, and outcomes of this process are as follows:


1.            Product Owner*

2.            Stakeholder(s)*

3.            Accepted Deliverables*

4.            Release Planning Schedule*

5.            Scrum Master

6.            Scrum Team

7.            User Story Acceptance Criteria

8.            Piloting Plan

9.            Scrum Guidance Body Recommendations



1.            Organizational Deployment Methods*

2.            Communication Plan



1.            Working Deliverables Agreement*

2.            Working Deliverables

3.            Product Releases

(*) indicates the mandatory points.

The working deliverable is the final shippable deliverable for which the project was sanctioned. As new product increments are created, they are continually integrated into prior increments, so there is a potentially shippable product available at all times throughout the project.

The Product Releases should include the following:

•             Release Content—this consists of essential information about the deliverables that can assist the Customer Support Team.

•             Release Notes—Release Notes should include external or market facing shipping criteria for the product to be delivered.


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