Agile and Waterfall methods- Can it be integrated?

December 26, 2013

Most organisations follow either the Waterfall or the Agile/Scrum methodology and considered to be recognized approach for development. This being said, there are difficulties when these two methodologies are combined.

In the Waterfall development methodology, everyone involved in the project are gathered together in the initial stage of the process. This initial stage of design is rather long as team goes through the steps of requirements, theoretical approach, and initial design. The initial phase involves all the above stated stages as in Waterfall method it is assumed that very little would be left for discovery in the later phases of the project.

This method is most suited when the user is led through a consistent process.

On the other hand, Agile/Scrum is meant for more unstable environment and follows iterative approach.

The difference between Agile/Scrum is that in Agile, it accepts there will be flaws and the team is required to be able to adapt and react quickly. On the other hand, in waterfall method precautions are taken early to handle the flaws.

The most imperative facts to be acquainted with about Agile-Waterfall Hybrid

Applying Agile-Waterfall Integrated model helps software teams to work “agile” and   hardware teams and product managers can practice traditional PMP/waterfall approach.

  • Cooperation is key in an Agile Waterfall integrated model which helps the team to outline necessities and adjust to changing needs and also providing feedback to both sides of the development to enable continuous delivery.

Balancing the strengths and weaknesses of Waterfall and Agile can yield many benefits

  • Boosts shared trust between client and vendor
  • Increased agility when business needs advance prior to launch
  • Easing of a risks that can threaten project achievement
  • Enhanced efficiency of the technical team
  • Helps in effective Organizational Change Management

All hybrid models will have set of compromises to be done from each side. This means in cases the Waterfall model is expected to accommodate flexibility of some expectation to fit in the flexible model of the Agile world.

The compromise expected in Agile is to be resourceful and with a smaller amount of autonomy, working contrary to a defined cut-off date with regard to cost projection and risk valuations.

The purpose of Agile Waterfall model is to maintain the reliance tracking and precision of Waterfall while espousing the strong points of Agile methodology, giving the litheness and limpidity required to become accustomed to the fluctuating wants of stakeholders.


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