How is the SBOK arranged?

June 9, 2014

There is a horde of information related to Scrum that may confuse a Scrum enthusiast. Therefore, the SBOK has been designed to compartmentalize information in such a way that the reader is not bombarded to information which could lead to poor retention of concepts. The SBOK framework flows in a methodical manner, making it easy for readers to grasp the chapters along the way.

The SBOK™ is broadly divided into the following three areas:

1.            Principles covered in chapter 2, expand on the six principles which form the foundation on which Scrum is based.


2.            Aspects covered in chapters 3 through 7 describe the five aspects that are important considerations for all Scrum projects.


3.            Processes covered in chapters 8 through 12 include the nineteen Scrum processes and their associated inputs, tools, and outputs.

All the three sections of the SBOK are important because Principles, Aspects and Processes interact with each other and are equally important in getting a better understanding of the Scrum framework.


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