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June 9, 2014

Importance of Sprint Backlog in a Scrum Project

Let us begin with a discussion on what a Sprint Backlog. The Scrum Team creates the Sprint Backlog

and Sprint Burndown Chart using the User Stories and the Effort Estimated Task List during Sprint

Planning Meeting. During Sprint Planning Meeting, the User Stories, which are approved, estimated,

and committed during the Approve, Estimate, and Commit User Stories process, are taken up for

discussion by the Scrum Team. Each Scrum Team member also uses Effort Estimated Task List to

select the tasks they plan to work on in the Sprint, based on their skills and experience. The list of

the tasks to be executed by the Scrum Team in the upcoming Sprint is called the Sprint Backlog.

It is a common practice in Scrum that the Sprint Backlog is represented on a Scrumboard or task

board, which provides a constantly visible depiction of the status of the User Stories in the backlog.

Also included in the Sprint Backlog are any risks associated with the various tasks. Any mitigating

activities to address the identified risks would also be included as tasks in the Sprint Backlog. Once

the Sprint Backlog is finalized and committed to by the Scrum Team, new user stories should not be

added – however, tasks that might have been missed or overlooked from the committed user stories

may need to be added. If new requirements arise during a Sprint, they will be added to the overall

Prioritized Product Backlog and included in a future Sprint.

An important tool associated with the Sprint Backlog is the Sprint Burndown Chart. It is a graph that

depicts the amount of work remaining in the ongoing Sprint. The initial Sprint Burndown Chart is

accompanied by a planned burndown. The Sprint Burndown Chart should be updated at the end

of each day as work is completed. This chart shows the progress that has been made by the Scrum

Team and also allows for the detection of estimates that may have been incorrect. If the Sprint

Burndown Chart shows that the Scrum Team is not on track to finish the tasks in the Sprint on time,

the Scrum Master should identify any obstacles or impediments to successful completion, and try

to remove them. A related chart is a Sprint Burnup Chart. Unlike the Sprint Burndown Chart which

shows the amount of work remaining, the Sprint Burnup Chart depicts the work completed as part of

the Sprint.

So, it can be said that Scrum professes minimum documentation and the Sprint Backlog fulfills

purposes of more than one project document and thus plays an important part in maintaining and

transferring project information.


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