Tools in Scrum Project

August 7, 2017

Impediment Log: is an important tool in which all the impediments affecting the project are documented. An Impediment is usually described as an obstacle, hindrance or hurdle which can decrease the productivity and performance of the Scrum team. It is mandatory that they should be identified as soon as possible, solution found in quick time and they should be removed in order for the team to contribute effectively. They can be classified into two types: Internal and External. Internal Impediments can be classified as either improper communication or reduction in performance of workforce whereas External impediments could involve various factors such as requirement of unnecessary documents or issues in software license. An organization can suffer from unwanted cost if it fails in identification or not finding an appropriate solution in dealing with this factor. The Scrum Master is responsible for recording the impediments in the Impediment Log and these issues can be discussed and sorted in Daily Standup Meetings and Sprint Review Meetings.

Sprint Burndown Chart: is another key information radiator in Scrum. The Sprint Burndown Chart is a graph that depicts the amount of work remaining in the ongoing Sprint. The initial Sprint Burndown Chart is accompanied by a planned burndown. The Sprint Burndown Chart should be updated at the end of each day as work is completed. This chart shows the progress that has been made by the Scrum Team and also allows for the detection of estimates that may have been incorrect. If the Sprint Burndown Chart shows that the Scrum Team is not on track to finish the tasks in the Sprint on time, the Scrum Master should identify any obstacles or impediments to successful completion and try to remove them. A related chart is a Sprint Burnup Chart. Unlike the Sprint Burndown Chart which shows the amount of work remaining, the Sprint Burnup Chart depicts the work completed as part of the Sprint.


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